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Need of BizHealth

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Get clear and complete performance analysis of company on regular basis

Following key concerns of business have been addressed. 

  • Product/Service wise Profit Analysis.
  • Customer Wise Profit Analysis.
  • Sales Analysis & Pricing.
  • Cost Analysis.
  • Break Even Point of Company.
  • Business Growth Strategy.
Functions and Benefit of BizHealth service

CFO's All Performance Analytics

We have combination of human expertise with latest Business Intelligence(BI) tools to analyze the business.


1) Sales Analysis

  • Parito Analysis.
  • Customer Trend & Retainership Analysis.
  • Sales Forecast and Budgeting.
  • Sales Dashboard – Item wise, State Wise , ASM Wise and Customer Wise Sales Analysis.

2) Cost Analysis

  • Bifurcation of cost in Period cost and Product Cost.
  • Identify Cost reduction in Product Cost.
  • Find product-wise contribution by comparing Product Cost and Sales Price.
3) Profit Analysis
  • Sales Mix and Product Margin  Analysis.
  • Customer wise profit Analysis.
  • Breakeven Point of Company.
  • Comparison of profit with Last Period and Budget.


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